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June 09, 2011



Let me know when a good time to visit is :) I am trying to pass the year by visiting friends and spending time with family. You can come down or I can come over :) But I know your pain. I just told Terry last night "I can't wait til we have a 'normal' life together". To just sit down for a meal together, cuddle on the couch, take a stroll around the block with the dog....Upon further consideration, nothing about our lives will ever be 'normal' :) And because I love him so darn much....I am ok with not being 'normal'.

Pink Herring

I can imagine it's challenging, but having so little time together makes the time you DO get that much sweeter. It's so great that your schedule is flexible and you can make the most of his spur of the moment free time!


I'm glad you've had a great time so far. It's great that you have the flexibility so you can make the most of the time you do get to spend together :)


I have been feeling the exact same way about Jason's schedule this year, especially as I learn more about how his travel plans are changing for the summer. We'll be cramming a whole lot of awesomeness into about a month's time.


So glad you guys are having fun and that's such a good way to look at your time together to get through the next year or so. And sounds like fun stuff is coming up!

Lynn Daue

Aww! I'm glad you guys got to spend some lovely time together! It sounds like a lot of fun ... almost makes the time apart worth it, right? (No, not really?)

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