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June 13, 2011


Thoughts Appear

My cat hates having her claws cut so I was curious about the grinder. I guess I'll skip it.


Oh...nail clipping. Why do dogs act like it's the most cruel and traumatic experience in the world? I would love some extra pedicures. I hope you can one day find a method that is agreeable for both you and Jack.

The nail grinder we tried on Cooper scared him. I think it was the noise that did it, since he's also terrified of the vacuum cleaner (also noisy, obviously.)

Angela Noelle

Yeah, I don't think it lives up to the hype. We're planning to return ours.

Angela Noelle

I think the noise was definitely a factor--also, it takes a lot longer to grind down a nail than to just chop it. Oh well, good idea in theory!


I think it may just be easier to put him out for a bit then he'll awake to nice new nails. Hopefully without anymore trauma!


Our sheltie has a huge hatred for having his feet touched, too - our groomer has to freak him out by putting him on the grooming table (evidently heights make him catatonic?) to clip his nails.

Kate P

Aw, those cuties don't know how good they have it. It was too hot last week to do ANYTHING but lie around (in pet world). Do they like running through the hose or the sprinkler to keep cool? I saw some posters at the vet that suggested freezing banana slices in water for pup-sicles.

I'm definitely crossing the grinder off my list. The vet did the nail clipping today as a courtesy (and probably self-defense). Otherwise, it's a two-person job for a cat. Ridiculous.

Angela Noelle

If only it weren't so expensive! It really would be the easiest solution. Although I'd probably be paranoid about the anesthesia.

Angela Noelle

Aww! I wish we could find something to make Jack catatonic, haha!

Angela Noelle

Yeah, and it's showing no signs of cooling off! Sadly, they're both scared of the hose/sprinkler. I think it reminds them of bath time and they won't go anywhere near it! Frozen bananas are a really cute idea though.


My cats are weird about their feet, too, but all three of them are small enough that I can still manage to hold them down when it is claw-trimming time. I should probably do that today, actually. Argh.


Oh man, your dogs are super adorable!

I feel such guilt whenever I leave my pets for an extended period of time. I'm pretty sure guilt and love go hand-in-hand for me. It's my cross to bear, haha.

Angela Noelle

Good luck!! Hope you all come out of it unscarred ;)

Angela Noelle

Hahahaha!!! Oh man, I totally understand what you're saying. Too funny!


We just bought a pet dremel to try on Teddy because he tried to bite the last person who did his nails. There's a long process to go through to get him used to the dremel, although I think we're ready to try in a few days. The hard part will be keeping my whacko anxiety in check.

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