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June 20, 2011



Sounds like a great weekend! I would have freaked out to see so many dolphins in the water. I'm kind of a chicken, and as cool as they are I'd rather watch them from a distance rather than swim near them. So glad you got to spend time with your husband! :)


That sounds like a wonderful weekend! Im so jealous that you saw/swam with dolphins! Sorry your husband is leaving again, but hopefully the time will fly for you and youll have a blast during his two weeks home.


that looks like such a summery and fun weekend. i mean love the boating and tubing and the basically i love it all, haha.

Emily Jane

That sounds like the perfect weekend! Great times :)

Kate P

Way to score books, chickie!

I never thought I'd see "dolphins" and "feeding frenzy" in the same sentence. Say. . . are those fish behind you trying to eat you up because you're such a cute couple???

Thoughts Appear

I wanna see dolphins! Sounds like a fun time!


Very fiscally responsible of you, Mrs. Bookish.
Your weekend sounds fantastic! But the upcoming weeks with your hubby sound even better.


Sounds like a fun weekend! Tell me more about the Seattle aquarium, is it worthwhile to see when I'm there?


Ah! I love everything about your weekend - the pics are just beautiful! Love that you got to go boating, see dolphins in their natural habitat, and spend time together as a couple!

Angela Noelle

Haha! Yeah, I was freaking out a little bit when I was in the water, because we'd seen a dolphin about 20 feet away! But they didn't eat me ;)

Angela Noelle

Thanks, girl! The week is going by pretty quickly, so I hope it continues the trend ;)

Angela Noelle

Haha, I loved it all too!!

Angela Noelle

It was pretty dang spiffy!

Angela Noelle

I knew you'd like the library part, haha!

Angela Noelle

Yes, I hope we've got lots of time for some fun :)

Angela Noelle

I'll shoot you an email!

Angela Noelle

Yes, I love seeing animals out in nature where they belong--it's so different from seeing them in zoos and aquariums.

erin - heart in ireland

Such a fun weekend!
I love seeing dolphins out in the water!

Any advice on looking for an apartment in Charleston?



Make a baby!

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