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June 27, 2011



Wow! Way to go, Angela!! I just finished the Blueprint Cleanse and it was AWESOME. I totally recommend it. And definitely worth the cost--if you think about it, it's only $10 per bottle of juice. And as far as patterns go, definitely avoid Vogue or any vintage patterns for your first attempt--they're really difficult to understand. Mccall's makes pretty easy to understand patterns.


I've used this tutorial for making a skirt - I've made several with it and it's pretty easy! I've been sewing for a long time, so if you have questions let me know!

Kate P

I can't wait to hear about surfing lessons when that happens! I secretly want to learn, but I don't swim very well and don't like being knocked around by waves.

I took sewing lessons several years ago, and the instructor said that many patterns "set you up to fail"--that it's better to read the whole thing through and decide the order for yourself. But yeah, start with the patterns that people (like Brittany and Stevie) actually recommend.


oh check you out, making so much progress nicely done! i love the scrapbooking idea. i've been trying to catch up on photos for a while too and have slowly been making them into books. it's just so fun once it's done, haha.

Angela Noelle

Ooooh, it's a lot more than that with shipping! Maybe down the road I'll give it a try, but for now I'm going with cheap, haha ;) Thanks for the pattern tips!

Angela Noelle

Oh no, the link didn't post!

Angela Noelle

I've heard the same about patterns, I'm definitely a bit nervous!

Angela Noelle

I agree! I love having them in print rather than just sitting on my computer :)

A Super Girl

You're reading Ulysses! I admire you so much more -- and I already admired you a lot!

Erin @ The Speckled Palate

Way to go, lady! You're knocking these out left and right... And I love that one of them was to suck the head (of a crawfish.) Ha. I don't know if I could ever do that, even though Winston's entire family keeps telling me that's where the good spices are.

Brittany E.

You have done so much, the surfing thing sounds super fun! I just can't see how it is humanly possible to balance on a board! I could not suck the head! I don't even like the taste of crawfish, although I feel like I should like it being from the South and all ;)

Thoughts Appear

You have some cool things completed and in the works!

Angela Noelle

Haha!! I wish I admired that damn book more... it's a draaaaaag.

Angela Noelle

I was so scared to do it! But I didn't really get anything except some juice and spices--no brain chunks or anything, haha!

Angela Noelle

Oh man, I loooove crawfish! I don't think headsucking will be a regular occurrence though ;)

Angela Noelle

Thanks! It's been really fun!

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