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May 26, 2011



oh yay for getting that anthro dress, so exciting! also the blonde hair looks fabulous, love it.

Emily Jane

Your hair looks great, and score on the dress! Looking forward to hearing more! :)

erin - heart in ireland

hi! thanks for the comment and just read through a bunch of your blog and i love it! yay for finding a fun new blog. and i agree trying to run when it is over 85 just doesn't work for me, so then i try to wake up early... it is a vicious cycle. and i agree when your kindle dies it is a very sad thing. especially when traveling.


I know the feeling of "where doI start"? I just did a month in review myself. I love the dress. Hope puppy feels better soon. I have Toy Story 3 in my Netflix I need to go watch it. Welcome back!

Kate P

Wow, you have been busy! I hope Jack is doing better.

Score one for Team Barbie. (It must be vicarious for me; my sister made me swear never to go blond.)

Disney sounds like it's gonna be awesome with all those new rides. I've never been so maybe I should plan for 2013???


Size 2?! Damn girl - I could 4 or 5 of you in one my dresses.

Also? You're hair looks fabulous!


Glad you got to see Toy Story 3. Love that dress!!! And how did you get so tan?


Dumbo and The Beast! Oh! I just have to plan a trip for then, also!

That's a fine looking group of women up there ;)

Thoughts Appear

I hope your dog gets better soon!

I scared to watch Toy Story 3. It's still sitting in my Netflix cue. I keep pushing it back.

I like your hair!

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