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May 11, 2011



Yeah, that storm was pretty intense! We lost power from like 4AM until 9 or so this morning. I think that is actually the first time we've lost power here, but it sure doesn't surprise me after last night! Noah slept through the whole thing. I remember my dogs always having a hard time, though. It sure did feel like we were in the middle of a massive thunderstorm last night, so I don't think your PTSD episode was unwarranted!


Seriously, it was crazy last night, wasn't it? I normally love storms at night, too. But this one woke me up and Marvin the Dog and I kind of worried we might all blow away at some point. Either that, or something was going to come hurtling through my window. P was working overnight, too, so I was alone in a flashing house with a freaked out dog myself, and, as silly as it seemed, I started coming up with "escape plans" should I need to execute them!

A Super Girl

I bet every other passenger on that cruise has a similar case of PTSD!

Thoughts Appear

That does sound like a really bad storm. My roomie's dog freaks out when it storms (and for fireworks). So I let him hang out with me one evening. I had to draw the line at the bathroom door though.


Oooh, yeah...we've had storms like that in WI, too. Definitely not fun - our dogs freak out over *little* storms, so I can only imagine what your poor pups (and you!) were going through.


I would freak out! I haven't had experience with many storms since I live in good old Southern California. Your poor pups must have been flipping out! I read your cruise story and Oh Crap! I would have pissed my pants. I've only been on a short weekend cruise down to Mexico and it was definitely uneventful. Hmm... makes me rethink the Mediterranean cruise I had in mind...


Thundershirts for everyone! Poor Teddy, one little rumble of thunder and he is scared out of his doggie mind.


I absolutely adore thunderstorms, so I suppose that I should never, ever go on that Mediterranean cruise that is on my bucket list. It truly dosen't seem to be a fair trade-off at all. So sorry, Angela. Maybe a hypnotist if it doesn't go away?

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