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May 05, 2011



Oh my goodness that is the sweetest!

It's true though, we have to be careful we don't take them for granted. It's always work no matter what for any relationship: marriage, friendship, siblings, parents, etc.


Awww...that made me get all misty! So sweet. I've got one of those good ones, too and I hope, I hope, I don't take him for granted too much.


It's so true. How are the most important people in our lives the easiest to take for granted? I'm so blessed to have a wonderful man to share my cranky, bad-hair pajama days with. I hope your good one gets home soon!


this is just so sweet and so true. it's so easy to forget and take it all for granted.

Kate P

Tomorrow! That's one of your favorite words. :)

A Super Girl

I do love the good ones. We're so lucky to have them.


What a sweet post - thanks for the reminder to be grateful for our loved ones!

Emily Jane

This is so touching... and something I definitely needed to hear today.


I have so many good ones in my life. Thanks for the reminder!


Love this!


So sweet!
And the color of those roses is totally beautiful.

Brittany E.

So sweet. You are so lucky to have one of the good ones. Your pictures looks like it is glowing!

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