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May 09, 2011


Pink Herring

Shameful as it is to have to slink off to formerly too-big shorts, they are super duper cute! And now you're getting your money's worth on those never-worn shorts :)


Haha! This made me laugh out loud. But oh man, it's so true right? I've been wearing leggings almost daily since last fall and I'm sure I'll need to go on some crazy crash diet to fit into my summer wardrobe.

Those shorts are adorable, though. Love the orange.


Haha I had to laugh! I have been wearing jeggings all winter too. I'm just going to go shopping for new summer stuff :)


I am sure you look great, missy!

But seriously, it really sucks to feel like your own clothes don't fit. Oof.


Haha, hilarious! I am in the same boat...pun intended ;-)


You look adorable! But yes, I have also felt the pain of going to try on something I wore last summer (swimsuits, in my case) and being truly horrified that parts of my bod look a little more...fleshy? Pudgy? Le sigh.

The Incubatora

Hahahaha! I loved this - you make me laugh so hard, little one:) There have been so many times through my many years that I have looked in the mirror and I could swear that parts of my mother were looking back at me -- of course, a much taller version!!! But I have seen you and you look wonderful, so take it easy because I don't want to have to carry you over my back through Disney -- we got lots of fine dining to do:)


Ugh. I hate not fitting into my clothes. So sad. But, at least you look super cute in the orange shorts! I love my jeggings too-there are still some cold-ish days where I can put them on, but for the most part those days are sadly over. I am sure I will be in your shoes very, very soon :(

Old Warrior

Just be glad you didn't opt for the Moo-Moo styles of Hawaii while you were there a couple of years ago.

Urban Dictionary: moo-moo
A rectangular cloth with crude stiching worn by morbidly obese persons.

garden state prep

I remember those shorts but by the time I stumbled across them they were all sold out of my size! I get more nervous in the summertime about weight gain because flouncy A-line skirts cover a multitude of warm weather indulgence.


Those shorts are ridiculously cute, no matter what size they are.

Kate P

O.K., first of all, the Cathy reference cracked me up. Second of all, I support you! I have not gotten any of my summer clothes out yet (it's just starting to get warm in Philly) and I am SCARED. You are a good influence on me. Your goal is your shorts--my goal is a hot dress for my cousin's wedding in the fall.


haha! Love your sense of humor! You look great in the orange shorts! Oh and I noticed that you mentioned "lowcountry"...we live right outside of Savannah. I am loving the hotter temps :o)

I'm running way behind in stopping by to say thank you for linking up this week with Mil Spouse Weekly roundup! My hubby and I went out of town, so didnt get to do all my visits...

Please do come back any time... and in fact, do come back and leave a comment, if you hadnt on that post, for a chance at one of the flags drawn with the name of your choice. For linking up, you are entered for a chance, but for commenting it would give you another chance.

Blessings & Aloha!

Fraulein N

Ooh, I knew jeggings were evil! :-)

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