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May 31, 2011



I love that top picture. Isn't that the truth for most vacations?

You had my stomach growling at pot stickers. Yum!

Did you buy the ticket with the "after-hours" ride pass? That's totally the way to go. Long lines (and strollers captained by aggressive parents) is not my fave either.


There's always a bit of drama. So glad you had a lovely time though!!! Concierge level sounds amazing!!!


I remember our family vacations to Disney (before you were born!). We stayed in Kissimmee, drove to the park in the dark, and were waiting for the gates to open. Long before the "Insider's Guides," Poppa had it figured out. Leave it to the amateurs to get sucked in by Main Street. Poppa, the sis, baby brother and I ran as if our lives depended on it to Space Mountain. After we rode it once, the kids got in line to ride it again while my father went to get tickets for a live revue show that sold out almost immediately. Then, we were allowed to breathe just a little bit. Eventually, Poppa had enough money so we have stayed in the Continental and the Polynesian multiple times since. However, the Days Inn Kissimmee and the up before dawn "vacation" will always be fond memories.


Do all of your vacations involve some kind of calamity?

I could use some concierge level in my life.

The Incubator

Dear Heidi, I believe if you were to look up the name "kriger" in the warrior guide to the universe, you would see that it actually is synonymous for calamity. This is why we are so supremely good and gracious when confronted with it. And, Angela, I did not have an emotional breakdown. I merely knew that 2 out of 3 warriors could handle it, and I had an appointment with a tissue in the foyer. Thank you.

Emily Jane

Amazing pictures, this looks like such a brilliant time!!


i can't believe your sister still made her flight, that's amazing. and seriously love the pictures! i've always wanted to go to disneyworld and your pictures just make me want to go more, haha.


I've never been to Disney, but it looks like your vacation got off to a fantastic start (sans a few snags along the way).

Thoughts Appear

Awesome pics! And I'm glad your sister made it!

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