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April 28, 2011



i LOVE the second one, but i think the first one would compliment your skin tone better.


I love the dresses you picked out, but have you checked out ModCloth to see if they have anything you might want? I always see the cutest dresses on there.


I love the cinched waist on the second one but the first one seems more like what you were looking for. The third is a pretty blue and probably the one Alice would choose to make her eyes pop. I think you should go with the one that makes you feel like a princess! Good luck! I'm sure they all look lovely on you!


I am in love with the first one, but you of course, are the one with amazing fashion sense. I'm sure whatever one you choose will look gorgeous on you... I'm just jealous that you have a waist to show off right now, =)!


What size are you right now? They have a 4 of the Tuileries online ...

Angela Noelle

That's kind of what I was thinking too--it's hard to tell exactly what shade of red the dress is.

Angela Noelle

I did check them out! I got frustrated when everything I liked was out of stock though! And it sounds weird, but there were too many options. I got super overwhelmed, ha!

Angela Noelle

Thank you! The last dress is very Wonderland :)

Angela Noelle

Haha, well thanks! Must admit, I'm pretty jealous of the waist you're rocking right now ;)


Ok, update: our Anthro has a size 2 and they're holding it for me until tomorrow. Do you want it?

Angela Noelle

I need a 0. I didn't realize they were restocking though! I'll keep refreshing :) Thanks for the heads up!!


I agree that the Tuileries is certainly first favorite. If Lynndaue can hook you up--go for it! As for second, I have to pick the Verdant Slip Dress (and not just because I like the word verdant). However, you taking fashion advice from me proves that there is a serious disturbance in the force. :-)

(Just for the record...0 is not a size.) *ducks and hides*

Have a marvelous time!

garden state prep

I love the description of Anthro's style as "grown up mad tea party". All of those dresses are so cute though - I'd have a heck of a time picking one.


Love, love, LOVE the blue hummingbird dress! I love the style, the colors, everything. So pretty.

Isn't eshakti amazing? I love everything on that site.

Heidi Renée

I like the red dress best for the opposite reason that you like it--it looks like it will CONTAIN my more than ample bosom.

Kate P

Aw, don't you wish you could wave a magic wand and get all three, and then change every couple hours? I never heard of eShakti before but how cool that you can customize (sez the short gal). The birds made me think of how Cinderella was friends with the birds.
I'll bet you'd look cute in just about anything.

The Incubator

Angel, you know that I will vote for the hummingbird dress, right? And you would look lovely in that shade of blue!


oh i love that red one, it's so cute. and who am i kidding i love the verdant one too. man now i really just want to go dress shopping, haha.

Brittany E.

I really like the first one, but you might not want not want to take fashion advice from me because I really need to on that show What Not To Wear! HA. But I do love anthropologes for sheets! Their sheets are beautiful, but I can't justify the price!

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