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April 25, 2011



Don't sell yourself short, girl! You may have had some cookies and desserts, but you also just ran a 10k! And that is just all kinds of awesome.

Angela Noelle

Thanks :) Yeah, at least I've got the exercise part down. I guess I've just gotten to that age where my metabolism isn't pulling its weight as much as it used to and I have to control my eating as well as work out to maintain my ideal weight. Lame!


You'll have to tell me about the Dukan Diet! We've been on Slow Carb Diet since January, and although I've only lost 6 pounds, Rob has lost about 30! It really works, but you have to eat a lot of protein! Lots of meat, and no white carbs,no sugar, lots of veggies and beans! OMG the beans! I have beans for lunch and dinner now! lol I also have to have little bit of fruit, which the diet says no fruit, and I also sneak in a few chocolates haha hence why I didn't lose as much as Rob!

Have a great time in Disney World!


And the best thing about it, we get ONE cheat day a week! We plan that day so well now! :)

Emily Jane

I'm having the opposite issue - I am trying to healthily put weight ON before getting pregnant. Do you know what your BMI is? Mine is considered a bit too low and may be a factor in why I can't seem to get pregnant, so I'm trying to keep eating healthy, but just eat more. Don't lose too much!


I could stand to loose 1 or 20 pounds. I was telling someone that I kind of wanted to get my body in a good place before babies happen - and she was like, "Getting in shape before having babies is like cleaning your house before a tornado..." Haha! But seriously, it takes me like 20 minutes to get the courage to step on a scale. I should probably start some sort of diet - but I'm askeered.

Good luck, lady!

Angela Noelle

Jass, that's awesome!!! Congrats on your weight loss! And way to go Rob :) It's just not fair how easily guys can lose the weight, ha! I'm glad that you are having success and still able to indulge from time to time.

Angela Noelle

You make a great point, Emily. My current BMI is 20.9 and the BMI for my goal weight is 19.4. I hope that you're able to achieve you weight goals and that the stork decides to pay both of us a visit very soon :)

Angela Noelle

No!!!! That person is so wrong! If you are able to achieve a healthy body before pregnancy that will give you a much greater chance at having a healthy pregnancy and "bouncing back" after delivery :) If you have any questions about this diet or South Beach, I'd be happy to give you my input. Either way, don't be scared! You are a super woman, I have no doubt you could achieve any goal you set!


I really hope you aren't using Kate Middleton as a goal. She is very attractive but looks anorexic. Way too thin. Just read she is 5' 10 and a size 2. That is skeletal.


Soooo...the first part of this blog post is pretty much me, spot on. I'm constantly telling myself "Eh...I'll start dieting/working out again after Christmas / Valentine's Day / St. Patrick's Day (oh how I WISH I was kidding about that one) / Easter..." but it never really happens. Then, when I get that little "negative" symbol I just eat my feelings and down a bottle of wine over the course of a weekend. I am *such* a picture of health. Ahem. Anyway, I'm really interested in this diet -- it sounds like something that might actually be doable...I also hate vegetables and have to force myself to eat salads. Best of luck! :)

Thoughts Appear

Good luck with the weight loss! I've been using, and that's really helped me drop my cruise weight.

You're going to Disney? Awesome!

Kate P

Ice cream in front of Cinderella's Castle sounds like a fun ritual!
Here I thought the South Beach diet was all about cheese and other stuff I'm allergic to--that many veggies and then V8 on top of that? Really? Yikes!

Well, I am all for getting healthy, so yay for that. I have to get into the habit of more exercise (and more sleep--failing on that tonight) so consider me part of your support group!

Angela Noelle

Oh no, no!! Well, not her current incarnation. I thought she looked great around the engagement, though I think she also looked great at her normal weight as well. She's just the means by which I discovered the diet plan :)

Angela Noelle

Oh yeah, I hear ya on everything you said! I'll definitely update on how the diet goes!

Angela Noelle

Yep, leaving May 15 or 16 :) I've tried counting calories before, and for some reason it just doesn't work for me. I think because I do a bad job about having little bites here and there or not properly calculating serving sizes and it all adds up to more than what I'm "counting", ha!

Angela Noelle

It is definitely a ritual no amount of dieting could keep me from :) SB does involve a lot of cheese, because it's pretty protein focused as well, but SO MANY vegetables!! It's out of control!

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