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April 04, 2011


Pink Herring

And you did it with smile on your face! Awesome, awesome job. Way to go!


I'm so proud of you!!

Thoughts Appear

And you're smiliing! I'd have probably been like "No pictures! I'm about to keel over!"

Congrats on being faster than your goal!

Angela Noelle

Well, the smile came and went at times, haha!

Angela Noelle

Love you!

Angela Noelle

Haha!! Oh man, I forgot to put that the "Finish Line" photo was taken about an hour after I actually finished! Thanks though ;)


Great job!!!


YAY! Good work! A bunch of my clients were with you, with strollers, and said it was an awesome race. Madness, but awesome! Next year, I'm totally going, baby in tow if I have to!

Brittany E.

Congratulations! I am so excited for you. So amazing to reach a goal!


Congratulations!!! I knew you rocked it out. :) That's an awesome feeling, especially because you beat your goal time!

A Super Girl

Congratulations! Great recap and great work!


Whoop whoop! Congrats! SO happy for you!


Woohoo! So awesome, congratulations! Looks like the weather was perfect.


Congratulations! That's a huge accomplishment!


Way to go! And might I add? You look so slim... in a very healthy way. Kudos!


woo! congratulations, that is so exciting! and love that it was such a perfect weather kind of day too, awesmoe.


i swear i know how to spell and clearly i meant AWESOME. :)


You are awesome! Congratulations! I'm so excited for you that you did so well. Love the finish line reenactment, too. :)


You are a rock star! So happy for you!

garden state prep

Sounds like you ran an awesome race! I love that each corrall had its own starting music and that you had the William Tell overture!

Sarah V

So proud of you! I remember getting very teary-eyed myself when I ran my big race back in Washington--it's definitely a surreal moment to be in the midst of accomplishing a goal that you've worked so hard at. I'm glad you get to check this one off the list for now, but even more excited that you're willing to repeat the experience at some point in the future. Way to go, Angela!


CONGRATS! I love the photos and way to go on finishing. Really happy for you!

Kate P

WOOOOOOO!!!!! Way to go, and excellent choice of color tee--looks great.


That is awesome, congrants and good for you! What's your next race?

The Incubator

I am so proud of you, little girl:) Now you understand those feelings I had when we first walked the Komen race -- those tears represent so much in our lives as we accomplish the things that make us stronger and bring us closer to our life's goals. You are a champion!


Woohoo! Go you! What a great feeling to accomplish a scary-sounding goal.


Congratulations! Great accomplishment. Wish I could come give you a hug next week, but I'll send one to you via my mommy. :)


Congratulations! That's a really great time...especially for someone who planned to walk for some of the run! Great job!

Emily Jane

Congratulations!! You're AMAZING :)


YAYA! You go girl! Congratulations!


Girl, I am so excited for you! This is amazing. Congratulations.

Sorry to make it about me ~ but, this gives me such encouragement as I train for my 10K. You're the wind beneath my wings. hehehe

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