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March 04, 2011



I'll have to look for that tea! You are wise to remain a non-cereal versus a cereal girl ;) That reminds me of a skit on Sesame Street where they did "Now I'm a Cereal Girl" to the tune of Madonna's Material Girl. How can I remember that?


The Air Force is a hard life for couples, but it is not THAT bad. It's funny because we were talking on Tuesday about how wonderful it would be to get out of the Air Force, and then on Wednesday Jon found out about the "opportunity" to get out... and ended up not putting in a package. It was like someone upstairs was saying "Really? You want out? Here. Do it. Or shut up!" Haha. And I really don't think Alaska would be that bad... at least if you like seafood and the outdoors. I think I may have a hard time going to Altus... he's be dragging me there, kicking and screaming, for sure.

Angela Noelle

Hahaha!! Oh man, that's adorable!

Angela Noelle

Yeah, we're in it for the long run. Just can't beat that retirement, and it's not like jobs on "the outside" don't come with their own stresses and frustrations! And I'd take Altus over Alaska--oy, me and my SAD could not handle the days with only 5 hours of sunlight!


You don't want to go to Alaska? I'd love it... then again, I'm originally from Washington. Though I must say, after living in the southwest I really, really like my sunshine and blue skies.

Angela Noelle

I'm sure I would love visiting Alaska, but not living there ;)


So many people have said that they don't want to go to Alaska! That's number one on my list! I would love to go there :]

Megan C.

Alaska is not bad at all. If you have a chance to go I recommend it. It is an amazingly beautiful state.

Angela Noelle

Hey, I figure if they just give it to the people who do want it, that gives us a better shot of not getting sent there involuntarily! I'm glad someone has it on their list :)

Angela Noelle

Yeah, I'd like to do one of the cruises there in the summer. We wanted to go when we lived in Washington, but never had a chance. I'd like to see it, just not live there!


Ohhh, many people forget about the Coast Guard :) I'm going to brag...many of the pilots are escapees from the other services, they claim it's the best kept secret in the military! Where we are now deployments are on measured in weeks (and he doesn't leave the Americas!) And, there are only a few bases so rumor has it you can extend easily. But, so far it seems like the wife social scene is almost non-existent :(. I think that may be because there are a lot fewer pilots and most are older.

And, we're hoping for AK next :) though it's more than 3yrs away.


9 yrs old? i would've at least wanted to have boobies to go back but i hear ya, the carefree-ness of being a child, i long for those days...
you don't eat cereal? are you human?
my sister lives in San Francisco, do you live there? i love it!!
and we're air force too, holla!


While I count my trip to Alaska with my Poppa as one of my most dearly held memories, I do not think I could live there. We were there in July, so instead of short days, we had very, very long ones. I have sleep issues to start with, and daylight until 2 AM was seriously disconcerting. It was beautiful in ways I did not expect. We saw wildlife that made me want to weep for joy. However, I prefer not to have my "permanent" address to include AK.

Kate P

Since you like black tea, do you also like English/Irish Breakfast? I kind of smuggled those tea packets out of the assortment box at my parents' house.

Alaska does sound like a completely different place; it certainly would be an adventure for you!

Angela Noelle

I have heard great things about the Coast Guard! And good luck getting AK--I'd totally come visit you :)

Angela Noelle

Oh, I eat it, I just don't want to BE it! ;)

I don't live in SF, but I visited there quite often when we lived near Seattle. And yay, Air Force!

Angela Noelle

Oh yeah, I think the long days might throw me off just as much as the short days!

Angela Noelle

I loooove English and Irish breakfast. I actually tried some Scottish breakfast a few months back, and that was amazing too! Pretty much the only black tea I don't like is Earl Grey, and by extension Lady Grey.

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