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March 02, 2011



You certainly captured the beauty of our fair state. Thanks for reminding me to never take it for granted!


I'm ready to hang out again. And go to Dublin. And go to that wildlife center. I told Matt we HAVE to take a Europe trip before he makes me have kids (lol) and he wants to do Switzerland but MAAAAYBE we can convince him to go to Ireland, where they speak our language ;)


we are flying into dublin in april and then going to try and work our way to galway, any suggestions what we need to see or do? :)


*Sigh*...I love those pics of the bayou - it really is so pretty.

And you and Colby are looking swanky in that picture! LOVE your dress. :)


aw looks like such a fun trip and seriously LOVE your dress at the wedding, i mean seriously girl, wowza, haha.


Love cute couple pic!

Also, is your black and white dog a border collie? They are so cute I want to reach through the screen and scratch their ears!


Such a cute picture of you guys! Your pup is adorable too.

Angela Noelle

I miss so much about living in Louisiana! It's a special place.

Angela Noelle

Well, I mean, I wouldn't totally reject Switzerland, either, ha!

Angela Noelle

Oh dear... it's been ten years, but I'll see if I can come up with some recommendations!

Angela Noelle

Thanks lady!

Angela Noelle

Haha, nothing like a sequin dress to make a girl feel pretty ;)

Angela Noelle

He's at least half border collie, and we think part chow as well. He's super adorable and sweet, but he doesn't exactly have the smarts of a border collie ;) We love him to bits though!

Angela Noelle

Thanks! Yeah, we think they're pretty great :)


Oh, Louisiana. I love that place... and I love that y'all got to spend some great time there with friends and family. I hope things are going well! (And I hope that once W and I move to Baton Rouge, I can finally meet you!)

Angela Noelle

That would be so awesome--I didn't know y'all were moving back!

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