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March 25, 2011


A Super Girl

I have no idea who these American Idol contestants are. I lost interest after the auditions.

But the Royal Wedding...ah...I just want to see her dress! It better not be ugly. I love her style, so she better pull out a winner!


I'm watching AI for the first time in a while too. Honestly, all the people you love I can't stand (and I'm sure vice versa!) I love James, Pia, Lauren and Jacob. As far as Will ... You can move on and start "Harry Hunting" which I learned about on the news this morning!

Angela Noelle

Oh yeah, I am dyyyyying to see her dress!

Angela Noelle

Harry Hunting!!! HA! I do think he ended up being the better looking of the two. Never saw that coming.

I forgot about Lauren--I actually do like her!


Haley and Paul. If I hear one more Pia ballad, I am going to turn the show off and never watch it again....not really but I totally fast forward through her. I love Jacob and Casey, too. And also, I like the judges, but if I Steven Tyler says "beautiful" one more time...I am going to boycott that word. Seriously.


This is my first season EVER of not watching Idol. I remember the first season when the commercials looked so cheesy I couldn't even stand to watch them. Then I was channel surfing on the first night and got hooked. I called my friend Catherine from work, and we watched it together, laughing at the train wreck. We refused to speak of our "embarrassment" at work for fear of shame and reprisals. Then somebody finally admitted it and we realized of us had been watching it. I DVR'd this season, and then got so far behind I felt hopeless about catching up. I tried to hook back in when the top 24 were announced, but it didn't feel right to me not having seen it from the start. So I don't know who any of the people you love and or hate are. I am always in favor of some Johnny Cash, though.

Dana K

I don't really watch AI anymore but my hubby loves it. I have to agree about the judges. Simon was just being mean. Not helpful, not constructive...mean.

garden state prep

I hadn't watched AI in a few years but I started watching it at the gym and really have been enjoying this season. Some of the things Steven Tyler says are just ridiculously funny. Also as far as the royal wedding goes, I'm only interested in the dress.

The Good Greatsby

Makes me want to give American Idol another try, but I'm worried about becoming addicted again.

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