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March 14, 2011



My heart breaks for those people over there. I cannot imagine. The fact that you got to see the country, experience the people and have the memories and photos---what a wonderful experience! I hope things turn around there soon, they've already been to hell, they can't take anymore. :(

The Incubator

Just through hearing your stories and seeing your photographs, it brought me closer to the Japanese experience, and after witnessing the horrific events unfolding throughout these past days in their country, I have found myself wondering and worrying about those very people you introduced me to.

steph anne

This was a really good post and I hope all the people you saw and thought of are well and okay. I wish I was secretly a billionaire so I could help out!


I can only imagine what it's like to watch the footage after being there not long ago. I hope everyone you saw and met are okay.


Have you seen this article yet?

Thought you'd like it.


This is a beautiful post and I loved hearing about your memories of Japan, which now if you will go back will be a very different place.

Brittany E.

When this happened last week my husband and I stayed up till 3 a.m. watching the coverage because we were so shocked. And its hard to fathom that here we are just about a week later and it is seemingly getting worse. I can't imagine how it might feel to have a personal association with the country and people. God Bless them.

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