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March 28, 2011


Brittany E.

Yay this is excited. I love your playlist, I own 75% of these songs and I shamefully love Britney Spears! Maybe one of these:

Shewolf by Shakira
Young Money by Vita Chambers
Great DJ by The Tings Tings
Hummingbird Heartbeat by Katy Perry
New in Town by Little Boots
Wildflower by The Jane Dear Girls
Love is Dead by The Lovemakers

Good luck but I bet you will be great!


i ran my first 5k a couple weeks ago and Girltalk really got me through it.

Thoughts Appear

Good luck with your run!

I love the play list! I listen to Sugarland and Cee Lo Green's songs quite a bit, too.


OMG, you and I have VERY similar iPods. Not sure about new music, but I always turn to Bon Jovi (Living on a Prayer-type stuff) when all else fails.

Hmmm. Maybe Katy Perry's Firework?


I am such a ball of nerves before a race and it kills my appetite. I usually force a piece or two of toast and a banana. That seems to work well for me.

Great playlist! I have tons of the Glee songs on my playlist, too :-) Oddly enough, I don't actually like running with music during a big race. I didn't even bring my iPod to my half-marathon last year and it was totally fine. I loved hearing the conversations of people I passed and the cheers from the sidelines.

Good luck on Saturday!


Oh yay so exciting! You'll rock it!

As for one of my favorite pump up songs, Rooney's "Just Can't Get Enough" is excellent as is "Magic" by B.O.B.

Good luck!

Angela Noelle

You are awesome, thank you so much for the massive list!!

Angela Noelle

Congrats on running your first 5K! I'll definitely check out Girltalk.

Angela Noelle

I never get tired of that dang Forget You song... I can hear both versions on the same run and not cycle past them!

Angela Noelle

Oooh, that's a good one! I think I'll get the Glee version though... because I am obsessed.

Angela Noelle

Yes, the nerves are definitely a big concern. I just know I'll be starving by the time I get halfway through the run! I think a banana at least will help out. I'll keep that in mind about listening to the crowd. Maybe the last mile I'll run without music since that's where most of the crowd will probably be.

Angela Noelle

Thanks lady, I haven't heard of either of those, so I'll check them out! Love hearing about new (to me) music :)

Emily Jane

Metro Station - Shake It!


Viva La Vida has always been my favorite running song. But I've been loving Animal by Neon Trees & Firework lately. Clearly I need to get some NEW stuff...

Can't wait to hear about the run. I'm doing my first 10K in July!! Woo Hoo.


First, I LOVE that you put the Arrested Development photo up there, hilarious. Sadly I do not have a ton of great ideas for your playlist because I love it right now!


Ahh, that is so exciting!

I love your current playlist - I don't know if Glee is really running music, but maybe some more Glee songs?

Can't wait to hear about how awesome you do!

Heidi Renée

Our playlists are identical, almost. I have a lot of Cascada on mine--the fast beats are good for matching my footsteps to, so it helps me to keep going.

The Incubator

I don't know much about play lists or pre-race nutrition, but I do love the fact that you are praying for good weather on your special day! I am just curious to know who you are praying to?:) Just know that based on my last weekend's wake-up call from above, I have and will be praying for you to fly through this experience and come out a stronger woman at the end. That is the goal of all of life's experiences, my love. You are one of my heroes!

Kate P

Hey, if the song has a good beat, enjoy it. There's stuff I listen to when I'm working out that I would never listen to for, um, pleasure, I guess. Self magazine tends to offer good playlist suggestions on their website.

I really am hoping and praying for good weather this weekend up and down the coast!!!


I did a press release about the food subject at my last job. According to my dietitian (former) coworkers, here's some eating advice:

· Whatever you eat, be sure you have tried it before coming to the Delaware Marathon. Everyone's stomach reacts differently to different foods, and a race is not the best time to discover that a food doesn't sit well.

· On the morning of the big day, have a light breakfast with lots of carbs. Cereal with fruit and milk, a low-fat yogurt, or a bagel and juice are ideal.

· Runners should not eat solid food for two to three hours before an event.

· Staying hydrated is most important. Drink fluids regularly.

I love fun country songs, like Hicktown or that new rain song, to keep me going.


Oh - and I'm looking forward to a race recap. I'm running my first 10K in June, but mine has military style obstacles along the way. I'm scared.

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