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March 21, 2011



Happy birthday, Colby!

I laughed at the ice crunching part! Haha! I'm so glad that dinner with the inlaws gets much better after those first few times. I was so nervous when we had dinner with my guy's parents and then popped the, "so, we're getting married" bomb on them! I thought I would have a heart attack! I was officially stealing their son away.

Clint says the same thing about not wanting birthday gifts. Boys...

I look forward to hearing what you get Colby!

A Super Girl

Happy Birthday Colby!! And I love your theory on 30 v. 31. That means I've still got another year to go!

To the Nth

Happy birthday to Colby!

Old Warrior

Maybe Colby would like tickets to the first of the "Atlas Shrugged" trilogy that opens in a couple of weeks on tax day. I saw that you finally read it.

Amazing how a book written almost 60 years ago is so accurate. An almost excerpt of the book/movie follows:

March 21, 2011 10:37 AM UTC by John Stossel

Joe Biden Railroad

It's amazing how modern politics resembles scenes of Ayn Rand's best-seller Atlas Shrugged.

Like the one in which a high-ranking government official pumps millions of dollars into a failing railroad company. The grateful railroad CEO rewards the government official by renovating his hometown train station and naming it after the government official. The renovation costs $5,700,000 more than expected.

Then comes the ribbon cutting ceremony. The CEO gets on one of his trains to go to the ceremony, but it breaks down. No surprise there: One out of every four trains his company runs is late. The CEO, chuckling at the irony, abandons the train and takes a car to the ceremony.

Unfortunately, that wasn't a scene in Atlas Shrugged. It happened this weekend.

The government official is Joe Biden.


Tom is turning 34 this weekend and doesn't want anything for his birthday, either...but then again, I don't want much anymore either (my gift for his birthday is that we will be the same age again and he will quit calling me his old lady until December).


i totally love that analogy, 30 is definitely the training wheels age and 31 makes it official, so very true. anyhoo happy birthday colby and hope you two have a lovely evening together.


Happy birthday Colby! Hope you guys have fun celebrating.

Heidi Renée

Awwww! Happy birthday to him!

I will always be able to think of something I want my spouse to get me. ;)


Happy birthday, Colby!

I remember the birthday when all I wanted was a new iron or vacuum cleaner - that's when I knew I was really an adult. :-)

Kate P

Belated happy b-day wishes to Colby! I just know Angela picked out something nice.

Emily Jane

Happy birthday to Colby, I hope he had a wonderful day!

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