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March 16, 2011



Although I think your hair looks good either way, I think I prefer the brunette color. I think it's more flattering to your skin tone.


It's a tough call Angela! I like you in both colors. But if I had to pick, I would pick brunette. It seems more natural to me. But you do rock the blonde too! So I can see why this is not an easy decision. I'm not helping, am I? :)


I'm with the two above me - you look great either way. But I'm pro-brunette. WOO!


Oh man, hard decision! While both are good I think I'm with the others, brunette I like more. I think it warms your skin tone more than the blonde. But this is coming from someone who has never dyed her hair so....hahaha, what do I know.

A Super Girl

I personally like the brown, but both suite you! I'm normally a medium brown, but had over-highlighted it to be a dirty blonde. So, several months back, I went brunette with red and loved it. However, I am sort of missing those lighter locks!


I will say this...I finally made a decision to lighten my hair up and spent a load on new high and low lights and loved it...

And the next month I got pregnant and was told not to dye my hair, just because the research is as of yet inconclusive.

Sigh. So it's half grown out, and I'm sad. And I've already told the hairdresser that the week after this babe is out, I'm back in there to have it re-done.

I wish I'd waited, though. Because I've had to deal with the grow out:(

emily jane

You are one of those lucky people that can pull off both and look gorgeous! I stick with dark because it's cheaper, but a change is always fun!


I thnk you look lovely either way! I think I like the brown/lowlights idea a lot, though. :) Good luck!

Brittany S

You look adorable both ways. But yea, the whole pregnancy thing could mess you up! Even if you decided it was safe to get color while pregnant, most times the chemicals react differently/unpredictably on your hair because of wacko hormones. I'd stay brunette because it's easier to maintain! Plus, it makes your eyes pop!

Heidi Renée

I feel in general that one's hair should match one's eyebrows. That said, your brows are light enough that the blond works. I think you look the most stunning as a brunette, though!


LOVE the blonde! They both are beautiful, though. But with spring and summer coming up, I'd say go blonde.


i love both hair colors on you but i think the brown hair makes your features stand out more. but can't wait either way to see what you decide!

garden state prep

I like both but I've also gone back and forth between blonde and brown a few times as well. There was a brief six months where I went red (which I loved but it was crazy to keep up with). I'd probably start with gold highlights with your brown base, so it's a noticeble change but not a huge shift all the way from blonde to brown right away.

Anonymous G

I love you every which way, Angela... but if I had to pick, I'd pick blonde. Your eyes sparkle with your blonde hair!
Of course, you were blonde when we met so I always think of you as blonde haired Ang.

Darling girl... miss you!!


You definitely rock both looks! I think my fave is the blonde, but brown really suits your features.

I am officially no help. How about red? :P

Kate P

Well, you look great either way, but I voted blonde. Spring's coming and it's fun to lighten up. Or maybe it's that have a cousin with the same name and she has been coloring hers blonde for decades, so I'm just associating all that.


Dude, you're hot either way. But if I had to pick, I'm on team blonde.

Brittany E.

I was reading through the comments and thought I was the only one who was going to say blonde. But I love, love, love the blonde on you. But the other looks nice too. But I am blonde so maybe I'm biased?

To the Nth

I voted for brunette, but really, those pictures prove you can pull off either with aplomb.


I'm really jealous you can pull both off! I prefer the blonde look on you but really, both look great. If the blonde is a little darker that would be perfect with your coloring!


i think it looks best blonde. great hair!!


think 'wedding'. I think that is when your hair was at it's BEST!

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