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March 31, 2011


Old Warrior

If you want to do the Derby, you should recall that I'm a Kentucky Colonel and have an inside track to tickets and events. We've never been either so maybe I'll but that on my bucket list.


You should definitely come to Germany this year. Then you could visit me! =)


I love your list! I should have made one a year or two ago and just forgot. I do have one year left though before I turn 30--maybe I can still do it if they are reasonable...hmmmmm

A Super Girl

I was actually thinking this sounds quite impressive -- even the ones in progress! Also, I've always respected you but I respect you even more knowing you finished Anna Karenina. I've picked that book up several times and just can't make it through. I so badly want to.


Yesss! Definitely come to Germany! Visit me, and check off Germany and France...and while you're in the area, you might as well check off Luxembourg too for extra credit! ;) If you make the trip, let me know if you'd like to stay with us at any point - we'd be thrilled to have you guys visit!

steph anne

Wow, awesome job on getting a lot of those on your list completed! I'd love to take a cooking class but it'd be nowhere near as fun and cool as your cooking class experience was because obviously it was in Spain! :)


This is quite the list -- and you've done a great job ticking things off/working toward finishing them. Good luck on your 10k on Saturday! You'll do great! :)


Sometimes the making of the list can be as much fun as the completing. I am way impressed about the reading. I don't read chick lit, but those classics can be um...tedious? Anna Karenina? Really? Take care of yourself with the running. That is an impressive accomplishment. I realize that these are fairly random sentences instead of a cohesive paragraph, please forgive. Having been fishing and caught shrimp with a shrimp net, I might encourage the latter. I'm sure there is someone who would loan you a net and help you use it. I found it much more interesting and edible. Good luck! (Take the Old Warrior up on the offer, I can't wait to see your hat!

Angela Noelle

I didn't realize that was a perk!! I don't know when we'll fit it in the schedule, but that's definitely something we should do some day!

Angela Noelle

Oh, that is most definitely a part of the plan :)

Angela Noelle

Absolutely! Just tailor it to how much time you have to complete it and what's feasible for you. I'd love to see your list!

Angela Noelle

Aw, thanks :) And yes, Anna was brutal. Unfortunately, not one of my favorite books, but I'm glad I read it. If you do read it, I highly recommend one with footnotes on the page--there's a lot of foreign languages and customs that would have gone right over my head if I hadn't had footnotes as a resource!

Angela Noelle

I like the way you think! I really hope we can get over there this year. I'll be keeping you in the loop for sure :)

Angela Noelle

Well, the Spain part definitely was fun, but I'll bet you could find an awesome cooking class in your local area!

Angela Noelle

Thanks girl! I'm actually kind of looking forward to it!

Angela Noelle

Haha, I love your random sentences :) We have a friend who goes crabbing each year, and that sounds like a lot of fun too. I think the whole setting of traps or using nets definitely sounds a bit more appealing, but I just think there's something so old timey Norman Rockwell American about putting a worm on a hook and waiting for a fish to bite!


I am mighty impressed with what you've accomplished!! Especially the 10k, traveling, and Masters degree. If I didn't think you were awesome before (and I did), you definitely are now!

Thoughts Appear

Congratulations on completing your masters! Isn't that a great feeling?

You have another year and half until you hit 30, right?

Good luck this weekend!

beth @ {expeditionary family}

oh my gosh...i feel soooo lazy reading this post. you're a rockstar!! i know what you mean, it seems like we just rang in the new year, like, last week. good luck convincing your hubs into the next two countries! is he a beer fan? 'cause ya know, oktoberfest is quite the party....could be a nice incentive. :)


CONGRATS on finishing your masters degree! That is a huge accomplishment, and it sounds like you were quite a student. I love all the things on your list, especially the change to go fishing. I haven't been fishing since I wa a little kid but its a good time!

Megan C.

Congrats on all your successes! I think you will enjoy fishing. It is actually a lot of fun and relaxing. Can't wait to see what else you do on your list.

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