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March 23, 2011



Go Angela, go!!!


Run, Ang, run!


You can do it! :) The one thing that always got me through long runs was picking out a spot in the distance (say, a light pole) and telling myself "all I have to do is run that far." Then once, I got to the light pole, I would always think "well, if I can do THAT, then I can totally run to that fire hyrdant (or whatever) down there." Basically, tricking myself into it. ;)

Angela Noelle

That's an awesome strategy! I'm going to try that today.


I agree with Abby! That's what I always did, and it worked so well! Good luck - you'll do great. :)

A Super Girl

I'm so impressed you're doing this. I keep thinking I should try a 5K and then I remember I hate running and have never run more than a mile!

Emily Jane

Good luck! I'll be thinking of you!


Good for you! That is very inspiring. I keep making running goals and not meeting them (as in, wimping out). Good luck to you on your big race!


woo! you can do it! i wish i was a runner, but i'll just stay a walker and let you do the running for both of us, haha.

good luck!


I am so impressed with a) you signing up for a 10k and b) running for 30 minutes without stopping!

That is just awesome. Best of luck!

Kate P

I don't think I was ever meant to run, so I just will cheer you on instead! You can do! Yay!!! Work those sweatbands and beat the heat!

Kate P

I meant, "You can do IT!" :)

Old Warrior

Just think how much easier it will be without a broken foot this time!

Thoughts Appear

7 miles?! I'm so impressed! Good luck!


Dude. That is so impressive! I ran a half marathon a couple years ago - and it's definitely the first and last time I'll ever do it. It kicked my ass. Good luck - you'll do great!

Brittany Sco

Two of my buds are doing a 10 K in Austin this weekend! One of them did a half marathon a couple of months ago and only trained to 10 miles because supposedly the race day adrenaline pushes you through the last few. Since you know you can do 6 miles, I bet you'll kick butt! You'll have so much adrenaline and the competition of having thousands of other runners around will really help too! Congrats!

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