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February 22, 2011



I just got back from vacation too, so I completely empathize with the laundry and how overwhelming things are when you get back. Glad you had a good time!


Oh I hate that feeling once returning from vacation. It's like I need a vacation to recover from the vacation to get back into my routine without feeling like life is super crazy!

Once I got so busy that I couldn't check my Google Reader for two weeks and my post counts to read was over 1,000. I immediately hacked away at what I subscribed to....thought about going through your list? Just don't delete me if I'm in there, pretty please, don't delete me! :)


Must see the Louisiana pictures! Because, you, were, HERE! :)

About Google Reader: "Mark All As Read". Trust me.


running isn't that bad. i just did a half marathon and ran the whole thing. it's a pretty fantastic feeling. go for it. i know you can do it.


Glad you are back, and yes, I noticed. Giraffes have those weirdish slurp-everything-up kinda lips, don't they?


Way to train for the 10K! I wish I would make time (or find the energy) to run. I'm still using the weather (which has been in the 60s & sunny this week) as an excuse. I should probably try to come up with another one soon.

Angela Noelle

Yeah! Glad to have you back in the blogging saddle :)

Angela Noelle

No worries, you're not going anywhere ;) I did delete a few blogs, but they were of the jokey variety like Damn You Autocorrect and Failblog. Just too many updates per day!

Angela Noelle

Very wise words ;)

Angela Noelle

Yeah, I hate running. But it's effective. And a 10 K is a good challenge. I don't see a 1/2 in my future, but MAJOR congrats to you!!

Angela Noelle

They doooo! And they're surprisingly gentle!

Angela Noelle

Haha, yep, the weather has been perfect for running. I hate running when it's hot and I hate running when it's cold, so I only have about a 2 month window where running is even slightly bearable ;)

Kate P

Welcome back! Were your ears burning? My book club picked one of your recommendations for our next read!


I just signed up for a 10K and I'm scared. It involves mud and obstacles. Maybe I should start training soon? But I've misplaced my motivation.

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