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February 09, 2011



I kicked Grey's out of bed a couple years ago. I almost threw up watching Private Practice a few months ago. I like Desperate Housewives as a prime time soap because it can be quite funny. Also, they're housewives, not surgeons, so I feel they have time for all the sleeping around! LOL! I don't watch the others. The Office is one we always say "oh yeah, we should record that" and then don't. I think you've shown me why!


Is there something wrong with your comment box? I typed up a lot, and when I clicked Preview, it came back to empty box. *sad*


And this is the second time it's happened to me. I noticed that last time too.

Angela Noelle

Yes, DH definitely doesn't take itself as seriously as Grey's--that is it's saving grace ;) The first few seasons of The Office were amazing!

Angela Noelle

Oh man! A few people have reported issues with commenting :( I'm writing an email to the Typepad tech support, so I'll include your problem too. Bummer, I'm sad I missed out on your opinions!


I'm sort of embarrassed to admit that I watch Gossip Girl. Aaaand, it's getting pretty old. This season's Bachelor is pretty stupid too - yet I still continue to watch it. Good times.


I'm similarly a television buff as well - there have been so many moments where I've wanted to say fair well to Grey's but I'm too loyal. Since I started off with them from the beginning, I can't seem to let go. :/ It's like turning your back on a friend that needs you. haha... I sound so pathetic.... lol


i've gone back and forth with grey's but so far i've stuck it out. however, getting close to my delete button is desperate housewives.

also i really want to watch mr. sunshine but it's conflicting with other shows! hello hulu perhaps?


Tom and I are the only people on Earth without a DVR. If there's something I desperately want to see, I'll watch it on Hulu or reminds me, I need to watch last night's NCIS!


Jenn... Freddy and I have yet to get one either :( You're not alone...

I'm not much of a TV watcher, especially now that we have a 3 month old. I don't think I've watched a full television show since he was born! My husband is a regular TV-aholic. It is not easy to drag him away and I actually had to turn off the TV once when we had to leave the house because I couldn't get his attention.

The only thing I really watch regularly is How I Met Your Mother, Rules of Engagement, NCIS, and The Big Bang Theory. I used to watch all of the Law & Order shows, but over the past 5 years have completely lost interest in them. The show I really miss is Homicide: Life on the Streets. That was a great show!

Roller Coaster

34 shows?! Oh my goodness, I don't think I can even name 34 shows. Of course we don't have any premium channels, and from what I hear, all the best shows are on Showtime (or 1 of those...I get them all mixed up). I haven't ditched Grey's. Yet. But I can't live without House, Modern Family, 30 Rock, and now American Idol. I really miss 24 and Lost. And I'm wondering when Heroes and Flash Forward are coming back.

Heidi Renée

I hate to say it, Roller Coaster, but Flash Forward was canceled. (Boooo!)

I have shows every day of the week except Friday (but only because Blue Bloods moved to Wednesdays) and Saturday. And not just regular shows, either. MTV and Food Network are in the rotation. For one show I have 12 episodes stacked up--that's the entire season.

If I had an elliptical or a treadmill at home I wouldn't be so far behind, but I don't, and nobody likes couch ass.


I am a total TV addict too. I can see why you got rid of these. But I don't think Life Unexpected will be back so fortunately, that's done. I have to agree though, the second season was really uneven. Goodness, the screaming, I could not take it!

Angela Noelle

Don't feel too bad, I'm a total GG watcher too ;) And I agree, it's definitely gone downhill.

Angela Noelle

I understand! I still watch the previews for upcoming episodes just so I can have a general idea of what is going on with the story lines :P

Angela Noelle

Yeah, hulu is my savior for when there's too much on at once! And I thought Mr. Sunshine was funny. I'm definitely giving it a series pass, and hopefully it stays good!

Angela Noelle

When our tv was wonky for a few months, I watched EVERYTHING online, and I really didn't mind it! I love/hate that they make it so easy for me to get my tv fix ;)

Angela Noelle

How I Met Your Mother is one of our favorites! Definitely in the top 5.

Angela Noelle

I just got back into American Idol this season. I must say, I am really enjoying J Lo and Steven Tyler and I don't miss Simon at all!

Angela Noelle

I just started recording SNL because I was watching so many clips posted online on Monday! It's been a pretty funny season, and it's my only Saturday show ;)

Angela Noelle

Yeah, I think they were pretty lucky to even get a second season, and then it was just not good. Sad :(


Now that I've found more time, I'm going to share my opinion that got deleted earlier haha.

What, no not the Office?!! I'm really interested in seeing what happens when Michael leaves, and if the show will recover but for now we are still big fans. Have you seen the snowball fight between Dwight and Jim? That is one of our favorites this season. I'm also enjoying Erin/Gabe/Andy triangle too! :)

And like you, I used to watch Grey's Anatomy religiously but for some reason I stopped a season ago. I thought I would catch up at some point, but it hasn't happened yet and I don't miss it sadly. Same with Desperate Housewives. And I'm loosing interest in American Idol too. lol

What we make sure it's taped now is Thursday night line up: Office, Community, Outsourced, and Parks & Rec. And also Fringe on Fridays.


Oh and of course GLEE!!!! :)


I stopped watching Greys a few years ago...I think it was the one where the guy had a missle lodged in his stomach or something? Anyway. I totally know what you mean! :)


I've had to drop more shows than I've the TV revolves around Dora and Mickey Mouse Club! I was sad to part with House...but I just don't have the time to keep up with it. I dropped all reality shows and DH and others that I loved were cancelled (Eli Stone!). I still religiously record Grey's, Private Practice and Brother & Sisters...even though I don't like any of the characters and could care less what happens to them. I feel like I've invested so much time in the shows that I don't want to miss anything! The only shows that I keep up with on a weekly basis (i.e. I actually watch the recording within a couple of days of airing) are Glee, SNL and Vamipe Diaries, and when it is on SYTYCD. Now that AI has hit Hollywood week, I'll probably keep up with that, too. :)

steph anne

Haha, I have way too many TV shows on my DVR list too. I think my most favorite show is Dexter. :) I'm sad that Life Unexpected is over though.

Kate P

I think Chuck got boring, too! If only I didn't enjoy the music so much, I don't have a DVR, but I take my time getting around to watching in On Demand.

I'm about done with How I Met Your Mother, unfortunately. The writers have been totally inconsistent this season, and I'm sick of being jerked around. (Especially don't like whats-her-face, the protest girl.)

garden state prep

The only show I watch with any regularity is Bones. Occasionally I'll watch NCIS-LA but that's about it. I used to watch Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Gossip Girl and CSI NY, but haven't kept up in the last year or so.


I'm a junkie. I'll admit it. I dropped House last year and am quickly growing tired of Grey's too.
BUT, Mr. Sunshine is definitely promising and I'm enjoying Perfect Couples too...

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