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February 23, 2011



Wow! Eating pizza everyday can save your life! ;)


Oh my goodness! That's horrible but also, how does one eat a pepperoni pizza I know I can't. But I'm glad she's going to be okay and I'm glad that the employees were on their toes.

P.S. Why do news anchors look like made up Barbie dolls sometimes? Yes, more makeup for TV but not THAT much. Scary.

Old Warrior

Eating a pizza everyday probably explains why she couldn't get up after falling.

Stephanie Cornell

That's crazy!!!! I am now convinced I should order more pizza!


My husband definitely read that story out to me yesterday... and I'm happy/ashamed that it is from my hometown.

Pretty crazy stuff...


this story is both sweet and crazy. i can't decide which one more though, haha.


That is an expensive daily habit!!! But definitely worth it, since it saved her life!

Goodnight moon

WOW! That is so crazy! That just breaks my heart to hear that happens all the time to people. She really needs a life alert!


That's so awesome and crazy! Pizza saves. Who knew? I am going to follow!


Well bless her heart!! PS--the pizza tracker is my favorite part of Domino's :)

beth @ {expeditionary family}

i heard about this! who knew a pizza a day keeps the coroner away? thank goodness that person was thoughtful enough to notice something was different and stop by.

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