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February 28, 2011


Old Warrior

I've noted over the years that any failure to dramatically, forcefully, and adamantly oppose a general discussion of potential modifications to the yard, house, or vacation plans constitutes a legally binding agreement to proceed with all haste. Those are apparently in the constitution of Venus. Martians don't read Venusian so it is impossible to verify or effectively refute.


I'm glad Anne Hathaway chose to pass on the coordinating Armani bike helmet. ;)


Going back to college area bars always shocks me. Even when I was in college, it shocked me. Put on clothes people!


Well, it's official: I don't think I'm ever going out in downtown Charleston. Occasionally, some fellow Navy wife suggests it, but I'm beginning to think after reading this, that I'm far too old. (And, well, pregnant, but that's besides the point! I'm old!)

Thoughts Appear

I really enjoyed Anne Hathaway's dresses as well. I also found myself wishing I was one of those women on stage who told the actors where to go.

Old Warrior

A dream for all of us, "Thoughts Appear."

I have a long list of actors that I would love to tell where to go!


I think I lost my love for the bar scene when I was just under 30. I did more than my share in college and the years soon after. Then I dated a few musicians that led to being in bars hearing them play. I still have the occasional night of excess, but it is always among close friends who are all fully clothed.

Kate P

The blue dress was my favorite!!! Happy new carpet!


I'm glad you got that down in writing, because when Colby says, "I don't remember talking about the carpet," you can pull this up and say, "HA! You did. Here it is."

Angela Noelle

Yeah, that definitely would have lent more of a Marvin the Martian vibe to her look!

Angela Noelle

Seriously! And dang, they must have been cold.

Angela Noelle

Haha! Yeah, it's a fun every now and then kind of a thing, but I'm much happier at a restaurant hanging out with friends than observing the mating rituals of the single Charlestonian!

Angela Noelle

Oh, that works on so many levels!

Angela Noelle

Never show any sign of weakness! The Venusians will sense the gap in the armor and go in for the kill. We are heartless and efficient hunters. There is no constitution, just the law of the wild ;)

Angela Noelle

Yes, the clothes really serve to make everyone much more comfortable! Certainly warmer.

Angela Noelle

It was absolutely stunning on stage--like she was wearing liquid.

Angela Noelle

You make an excellent point! Maybe I'll print this out and tape it to the bathroom mirror ;)

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