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February 01, 2011



Hey, at least you weren't there for all the riots and unrest, right? Of course, you wouldn't have seen it on the boat, anyway.

Angela Noelle

Yeah, I'm glad we're missing out on that for sure. It's just been one thing after another in Egypt!


I have absolutely loved your traveling posts! I found your blog through Military Spouses! Just wanted to say Hi!
Also I wanted to say your pictures look amazing! what kind of camera do you use and lens??

Chelsea Talks Smack

Wow, amazingly gorgeous photos!

Thoughts Appear

More great photos!

Hmmm...After seeing all your pics, I was thinking maybe a Mediterrenean cruise next year, but sounds like I maybe I should just save some more money and do it without the cruise.

A Super Girl

Though I haven't been on a cruise, and only been to one country in Europe, I like your assessment of European cruises. I'd thought that might be a good way to travel, but I agree with you on spending longer periods of time in places as opposed to quick drive (or cruise) bys. So, thanks! glad you made it home safely :-)


I agree about the cruise thing. I haven't been on one to Europe, but we did one to the Caribbean and there were some ports I didn't like and others that I would have stayed the whole time at, and the cruise timeline didn't make that possible. While I am young I think I would still just like to plan my own itinerary. Looks like a fabulous trip regardless though!!

Kate P

Ah, one more post to imagine that *I* went to Barcelona! :) It does sound like fun to "get lost" somewhere new with your mate.

I think my sister felt the same way about cruises, too. Interesting. I wonder if older people (maybe our parents' age or older) see it differently.

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