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January 26, 2011


To the Nth

Yikes, what an ordeal! Not exactly the relaxing and rejuvenating experience one hopes for when booking a cruise.


Oh my gosh. I would have had a HEART ATTACK. Even just reading about it makes me all paranoid and antsy. Sheesh.


Oh.My! I cannot even begin to imagine the kind of terror you must of have been going through. Wayt o go Royal Carribean with refunding your money. You should totally use it to go on a carribean cruise where the seas are much nicer to you! At least they were to us when we went right at the end of hurricane season.

Though, to be fair, you're probably never going to want to go on another cruise for a very long time...if ever!

The Incubator

Way to go Angel - The Old Warrior is out on the road tonite, so I will be here having my flashbacks all by myself:) Why do you have to write so vividly?


Oh MY God. That is so scary! I would have been freaking out too! I'm glad everyone was ok, but wow....what an awful part of your vacation.

Heidi Renée

I've been on a cruise before and it was all totally fine, but reading this made me panic on the inside and wish I'd never seen Titanic. I would have reacted exactly the same crazed spider monkey way that you did.


OMG - I realize that this was horrifying and oh my god I would have been so freaking scared and behaving the same way...but this?:

"At this point, I completely lost my fucking mind and descended into hysteria. I was clinging to Colby like a spider monkey on ecstacy,"

Made me LOL. Seriously. :)

I'm glad you guys made it safe and sound. So, so scary...


Oh my God, I would have freaked the eff out. I'm glad everyone made it out safe and sound!

A Super Girl

I'm so glad you're sharing this because I was so curious about what all went down!

That is damn scary! Does it make you never want to take a cruise again?! It's good you got a full refund though! And of course got out with your life. I can't believe buildings collapsed. Crazy!

garden state prep

Oh my goodness! I cannot imagine how terrifying that must have been!


That is insane! I cannot imagine, all I kept picturing was Titanic and you and Colby in the boat! Glad you guys made it out alive, what a trip!


Oppps, I meant ship.

Brittany E.

OMG first of all let me say

A. I'm glad that your cruise didn't turn into the next Titanic.
B. That is just absolutely crazy and I think I would bawl hysterically. That is how I roll.
C. At least you didn't have to pay for your cruise though.
D. It makes a good story.


holy crap that is terrifying! glad everything was okay in the end but man, i would have been done, haha.

Thoughts Appear

So scary! I'm glad that nothing worse happened! I'm glad that you got credit, too.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that nothing like that happens on my cruise in April!

Kate P

It never occurred to me that something like that could happen on a cruise--and to you guys! Memorable but not in the good way, huh? Glad you were O.K. afterwards.

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