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January 18, 2011


Old Warrior

Guess holding Brittany when she was a few hours old was not a particularly memorable experience for you.

Angela Noelle

I probably blocked it out due to the trauma when I realized she was never going away!

A Super Girl

Short weeks with a Friday off go by so much quicker than short weeks with a Monday off. It's true!!


I'm actually on board with this longer 4-day week. I mean, I'm already working 10 hour days some weeks, why not get a three-day weekend out of it? I'm in major crunch on a project right now and having yesterday off was NOT what I needed. Sigh.

Thoughts Appear

How about a 4-day work week with 7 hour days? I'd like that.

I think we should combine Presidential campaigns. I was thinking of running in 2012 with this slogan: "A Vote for Me is a Vote for Chocolate." I'll be your vice prez if you want.


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