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January 03, 2011


Kaela Dark

I love your monthly housekeeping chores chart idea... I really need to do that. I feel like it would be a lot less overwhelming to see "Oh, I only have to do laundry today.", than look at the million things that I have to do- and then of course end up doing none of it and watching TV instead. I think that I need to do more meal planning, also. I think that would help my life a lot.

Good luck with your resolutions!!


I'm impressed with the 50 books! I wish I were better at reading, but, as pathetic as it is, I can't stay awake when I read. It's ridiculous, really. But it puts me right to sleep.

Nice resolutions!

Old Warrior

Resolution #1 - Great idea!

You always resisted cleaning/organizing your room, closet, or shelves partially because once you started the obsessive-compulsive gene kicked in and you couldn't stop until everything was perfect.

The major conundrum was trying to organize your bookshelf in alphabetical order by title, author, genre or some sequence of sets and subsets. It was usually a two-day marathon.

Can't wait to hear about how the new and improved Angela deals with this resolution. Perhaps if you let Jack and Ellie help?


No real resolutions for me--too oficial or something for my rebellious side to handle. I have already started my mission of "less is more." I purged so much when I moved from Atlanta to Houston, and again when I returned to Atlanta. I have started a box for donation as I unpacked here. I have too much stuff, and it gets cluttered like crazy. I was pretty excited when all I had to do to host NYD dinner was vacuum. Stuff just shows up unless you are vigilant about only accepting things that are important to you. Two weeks in the new house, but a good start.


oh 50 books, that is awesome, i'm aiming more towards 40 this year. and i definitely need a chores chart like wo or at least a plan of attack, haha.

Same Sweet Girl

Totally doable girl!!! Good luck!!!! :)

Heidi Renée

I just want to get along without being the cause of any major calamities.


Wow read 50 books!? That is a lofty and great goal. I would never make it. I can't wait to hear what you're reading!

Jane Heinrichs

I think one book per week is quite reasonable. So, 52 books would be my goal. :-) Good luck!

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