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January 13, 2011


Same Sweet Girl

Awww you took such great pictures girl!! Thanks for sharing them!!!!! I love your last picture! When we went on our honeymoon cruise we took a picture of every single little towel animal they made us! Hahaha


Eek, I'm nervous about the next post! My sister was on the same cruise a week or 2 earlier and missed Greece due to the seas...though it never got as bad as it did for you. Glad you got to see Greece! Its always been on the top of my list.

Not Angela

I think I need to start copyrighting the photos to get credit!


Gorgeous photos!


Oh my gosh. How COOL. I'm still super jealous! Minus the whole, turbulent waves thing. That would have given me a bloody heart attack. Love the pictures - you look gorgeous!

Thoughts Appear

Awesome title! Awesome pics!

The sea looks rough! So your seasickness patches worked? I'm going on a cruise in a couple months and I get motion sickness so I'm going to need something.

Heidi Renée

Towel animals! Yes!


First, love the yellow belt AND your fabulous sequined dress!

Second, when we took our honeymoon cruise I didn't know towel animals were left in everyone's rooms. I thought they were special treats just WE got. (Umm, why yes, I do believe the world revolves around me. Thanks for asking.)

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