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December 31, 2010


Old Warrior

Gee! I'm thinking the wee hours of Dec 13th made for a pretty memorable date in 2010 since it was close to being a "Titanic" event.

garden state prep

I really like this year in review survey!


I love the survey idea too! You liked Blank Swan, huh? I have been toying with whether or not to see it - some people seem to love it and some hate it! I think I am going to have to watch it just to decide for myself. Have a happy 2011!!!!!

Thanks for the great idea!

Britni Mc

Love this! You're the first person I've heard NOT freak out about the crazy psycho sexual thriller that is Black Swan...that gives me that glimmer of hope that I will see and LIKE it!


Awwwww, I loved this post! I feel like I "know" you better. Is that weird? I promise I'm not a freak.
But, I mean you ended it with a Carrie Bradshaw quote. Perfection.

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