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November 23, 2010



We haven't ventured into the turkey frying yet. I'm doing a Thanksgiving dinner for friends and family and if I didn't have someone bringing the mashed potatoes... I'd totally use this yummy recipe. Maybe, it'll make it into next week's menu.

Gretchen Alice

Fried turkeys are SO good.
We sometimes make mashed carrots--carrots that have been steamed a little softer than usual and then you mash them up with brown sugar and cream to taste.

Kate P

Pumpkin-chocolate trifle sounds yummy. I'm making my no-milk pumpkin pie (that everyone likes). But my sister is making something called Butter Dips that are like breadsticks only, um, butter-ier. It's a crazy tradition.

garden state prep

My mom makes this broccoli casserole that's essentially broccoli, cream sauce and cheese. It's amazing and worth the week it takes to burn off the calories. The trifle sounds amazing - I'm trying to tackle a pumpkin cheesecake this year.


Sweet Potato Casserole, natch. We have it every year, and we do it with a pecan topping, generally sourced from a pecan farm in middle Alabama. It's amazing. AMAZING, I tell you!

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