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October 20, 2010



Come back! Actually... strike that. I'll come back to you. ;) I can't believe that was SEPTEMBER. Goodness. Love the new page, it looks really fancy and you-like!


My, my! You've done quite a bit of traveling this year, and you also managed to pique my interest in Brooklyn.

The website looks fabulous :)


Glad you had fun and glad you are back to the blogosphere! NYC is on my wish list. Havent been yet and cant wait to go!


Sounds like a great trip! I haven't been to New York in years, and you make me feel like it's time for a refresher!


The new blog looks fantastico!!!

Sounds like you had a really great trip. I haven't spent too much time in Brooklyn, but you've convinced me that I should. Thanks :)

Heidi Renée

Oh, I love it, the header especially.

Kate P

Great travelogue pictures! Sounds like a fun trip. But yeah, it takes forever to get through New England. Or just feels like it.

(Next time, go south! Come to Philly!)

Kate P

P.S. I like the new design--the color is super pretty.


I've only been to New York once - but it was definitely a fun place to explore! Your new blog IS cute!


So much fun!

garden state prep

Your Brooklyn pictures are so pretty!

Also I love your new blog design!

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