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October 18, 2010



Oh man I am already jealous of your November. Mind if I tag along? :)


Happy, happy for you that Colby's return is fast approaching. They do have internet service on those ships, you know. Might cost you a limb or two, but c'mon?

The Incubator

I miss you so much and am so happy that you 2 are sweet enough to include us in your December adventures (great son-in-law) - can hardly wait for that to begin. But patience is a virtue, right? Do I have that one? You surely have acquired that in these past years, sweetie!


I want to do it all again! Except that then you'd have to tack that time back onto your time you're waiting for Colby to return... so never mind...


Yay to Colby coming home soon! I love spending the day catching up on the DVR. Sometimes it can be overwhelming though.

Kate P

Colby's return and then the Mediterranean! Woo-hoo!!!

Am I too old to guest post? :)

Kyla Roma

Oh wow, it sounds like you have lots to look forward to! :)

Heidi Renée

Welcome back! I have DVR catching up to do and I didn't even go anywhere.

Anonymous G

I LOVE what you've done with the place :)


I'm SO happy for you and Colby and his return just around the corner!

Followed by a Mediterranean adventure? FanTAStic!!!


A Saturday on the couch with a DVR, the ballet, mind blowing gnocchi & a hubby coming home!! All around yippee.

Annnnnd, I'd love to guest post... let me know what you think.

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