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October 22, 2010


Heidi Renée

I sure do not miss getting stuck in New England traffic, but it is lovely this time of year!


i have ALWAYS wanted to go to vermont (no idea where it came from) and your pictures are only helping the cause, haha.


Your Vermont weekend sounds like so much fun! I would love to visit that area! Despite the harsh winters, I think it would be awesome to live in the NE. Maybe these harsh German winters will toughen me up!

Kate P

Now that is one serious trip (or series of trips depending on how you look at it). Vermont does look beautiful--I've been dying to see the inn that my parents' former neighbors (and good friends) have been running for years up there.

garden state prep

Getting a cab in the rain is always a miserable experience! Sounds like your trip to Vermont was amazing!


What a fun weekend! Your photos of the chocolate kill me....


One of my co-workers is from Vermont and VERY proud of it. Looks adorable!


Wow! Sounds like you survived several hurdles to make it to and from that wedding. You're a superwoman survivor. Nice.


You made me want to go to Vermont! While that's not likely in the next few weeks, I am soon heading to New Orleans for a few days. Any suggestions? There is the possibility of renting a car, too, so nearby destinations are welcome. Thanks!

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