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September 09, 2010


Operation Pink Herring

I would agree, Kitty looks like a stray. But once you give a stray cat food (especially TUNA!), it officially belongs to you. Those are the rules. Welcome, Kitty!


First: HAHA you are never going to get a stray into a carrier without some scratches. My 5 year old cats won't willingly go into a carrier.

Second: I love that you're going to adopt stray kitty. I wish I could adopt all the ones that live near me.


Yay for you for taking care of kitty! I love his/her white paws. :)


AWW! I love that kitty! And my cats go into carriers just fine - they just hunker down in there and act nervous while they are contained. :) Hopefully he/she is a stray and you can keep him! Cats are the best!

Heidi Renée

Oh, if you need any tips I can totally help! Stray cats tend to find me. If you have a carrier, try putting a folded up blanket or towel in it and leaving it outside near the car or wherever Kitty hangs out. It's possible she'll take up sitting in it without any encouragement, but if she doesn't, put a small dish of tuna in there every so often. Not a can, though, because she can easily cut her tongue on the sharp edges. She's so pretty!

Old Warrior

Immediate thoughts:

- shredded drapes and furniture
- permanent "What the hell is that smell" to your carpets
- Cat scratch fever
- Dogs have masters, cats have staff
- Cat Fricassee! (I can send the recipe)

steph anne

Aww, what an adorable kitty! You rock for feeding him/her.


Good luck with Kitty. All 3 of our cats started out as strays and with a lot of patience and TLC, they all trust us completely now. You can tame a feral kitty :)

Kate P

Awwwww. She does look a little feral (and I say "she" because she's a calico/tortoiseshell like my cat). Sometimes the universe drops a new animal companion in your life--and you into hers. You're very kind and it sounds as if she could use some kindness right about now. Bless both your little hearts.


Aww kitty! What a cutie! I love his/her coloring and so furry!!! I think we need more pictures coming up asap.

Aly @ Breathe Gently

Hello, kitty! My cat is a freak who eat anything.. but he comes RUNNING whenever he sees me get out his 'cat milk', which is a treat we have. Bribery with food is a good way to gain trust, so good luck! (And so sweet of you for wanting to look after the cat, rather than, you know, toss it in a bin.)


WHOA you pep's need to slow your roll. Who said anything about already haveing "adopted" said 'kitty'?!?


PPS: and also, 'we' weren't told that you even wanted a cat until this year....

The Incubator

The growler and old warrior make so much sense to me:) But then again, what do I know?


You know they say cat pick their person, and I think it's safe to say she picked you! Enjoy getting to know a kitty, mine has changed my life! And yeah good luck getting her into a pet carrier, we have to chase ours, and it takes two people to successful put her in a carrier to go to the vet. Here is hoping you have easier time.

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