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September 27, 2010


Aly @ Breathe Gently

I hear you on the visitors part. I am EXHAUSTED and they are still coming!


Busy, busy girl!

And thanks for posting. You gave me good ideas for things to do with one of my oldest friends who's coming to visit Charleston in two weeks, as well!


Meh, you're forgiven. Need a guest blogger while you're out?


Enjoy all your travels and visiting! Sounds like a blast! :)


You had to post the fat picture...

Love you!!


Can't wait to hear about Charleston Restaurant Week! And I love those friends that no matter how much time you spend apart, it's easy to pick right back up when you see them :)

Heidi Renée

Oooh, you are going to have so much fun with your travels!


Busy life is a happy life! I always think people should enjoy life more than enjoy blogging... if you don't enjoy life then you don't have any blog material, right?

Britni Mc

My boyfriend is from SC, and Charleston is his favorite place in the world. I have yet to visit, but it sounds like there's lots of great things to do :)

garden state prep

Would love to hear about Restaurant Week - I'm thinking of planning a trip down to Charleston next year and am reading as much as I can about where to eat!


Wow! Have a fantastic time traveling around and enjoying yourself!

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