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September 12, 2010



You are way better than me in this, girl. I've got a month and a half to the wedding, and I am trying to figure out how to slim down more than I already have, and I'm coming up at a dead end simply because I am lazy and I like to eat.

I'll be interested to know how the calorie counting goes. Let me know, and try your best to enjoy Charleston's Restaurant Week. (And come to think of it, I think it's Nashville's Restaurant Week this coming week. Hrm...)


I do calorie counting too and although I do hate it, it does really help and work. I didn't log this weekend because friends were in town, oy, I cannot fall off that wagon again! But, it does work. But allow yourself to go up to 1,500 if necessary, don't totally deprive yourself!

steph anne

Congratulations! Counting calories can be a pain in the butt.

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