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September 05, 2010



what vitamins/supplements do you take?

and good luck!


Congratulations! 2.6 pounds is 2.6 pounds any way you slice it!

Kaley @ Cheap Therapy

That's awesome - I mean, the stress and whatever-is-going-on isn't really awesome, but managing to lose weight while not even trying? Ya, I'm a little jealous about that :)

I've totally eaten like crap this weekend - birthday parties, tailgates, blah blah blah. Need to get back on track, STAT!

Kate P

Glad to hear vitamin D is working for you. And rock on with your 2.6 lbs. lost!


Dude. My doctor told me the same thing - to take some Vitamin D supplements. Apparently it's good for you or something. Way to go on the weight loss!

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