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August 03, 2010



Dude. My brother and I make your mom jokes all the time, and they're hilarious. You should try it!

Kate P

"Holy crap. I heard No Scrubs on the radio today! I wanted to text you, but I was driving a bus full of kids and that seemed imprudent." Please tell me that No Scrubs wasn't playing on the bus. Then again, I used to be subjected to Jungle Boogie at 8 in the morning on the shuttle to class when I was an undergrad.

Heidi Renée

This reminds me so much of me and my sister. Dumb military, making me live so far away from my family. *shakes fist*


Haha - this is totally awesome. How cool is it that you have such a great relationship with your sister?


This did make me laugh and most of it I don't even understand. It's just that I can actually hear your voices saying these things, and that makes me happy 'cause then you don't seem so far away:) Miss you both!


Haha! I love the dialogue between you and your sis :)

This song popped into my head after reading the shoes comment:

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