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August 17, 2010



Bah. I'd rather go for long, leisurely walks and do a little yoga ... but I'm still in my recovery phase :-) Good for you!

Same Sweet Girl

YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!! That's so amazing!! You make me want to try it!!! :D

Aly @ Breathe Gently

Ooh I've never heard of this before.. I might have to go and check it out! :)


Dude. I am so effing impressed. It isn't even funny.

Kate P

Wow! You must be getting some gooood endorphins, too. :)

Old Warrior

Does anyone know the whereabouts of my progeny, Angela. She is a fairly sedate bookworm couch potato and was last seen in the Charleston area. Someone posing as her appears to have hijacked her blog and life. Anyone living close by please check her garage and refuse areas for a large pod.


Whoa that sounds intense. And yes, staring at that guy for 45 minutes would not be awful. I would feel prettier just by standing with him.


It is my understanding that Insanity is more intense than P90X...I think you may have done them backwards. I think if you are kicking butt in Insanity, P90X will be NO trouble at all!!:)

Britni Mc

I need to do this. Now that I'm back to school I get lazy in the evenings and need someone to kick my ass.


I have a friend who's doing this also and is seeing ma-jor results! Keep up the good work.

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