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August 31, 2010


Same Sweet Girl

Awww!! I know how you feel. Every month it seems something happens that I google and start freaking out about. Of course I have no idea what it could be...but thyroid does make you gain weight...also hormone imbalances will cause all of that including heavy bleeding. Hopefully when you go in they will check your thyroid and hormone levels. Good luck and let us know what happens!!!!


Ugh! I hope that they can get you fixed up and that it's nothing serious. :(

(I have also been consulting Dr. Google...I've been having breakthrough bleeding on the NuvaRing for the past 2 months (and this month? It's almost constant. HOORAY.) and I'm also convinced that I'm dying, despite actually going to a real live doctor and being assured that it's from the NuvaRing.)

A Super Girl

Yuck! I hope you get an answer :-(


Oh no fun, sorry! Hope everything works out OK :-(


Sucks! I'll keep my fingers crossed that they get a cancellation earlier and call you on in to get checked out. In the meantime, I say, embrace the couch. :)


Honey, I failed ALL of my pee tests with both boys and still had my period with Cameron until five months. I didn't go to the doctor until I was five months along because I didn't believe I could possibly be pregnant (Oh, I was also on the pill). Cameron is proof positive that drinking lots of caffiene and taking every medicine under the sun won't create a baby with three heads. I'll be watching your posts..


Dude. I Google every single damn symptom I have. Pregnancy symptoms are always fun - especially when you read all the stories that are JUST like you and they DO end up being pregnant.

Gosh. Good luck with all that.


I hope you feel better and find out what's going on quickly! In the meantime, lots of hugs are being sent your way!!

Freckle on the Nose of Life's Complexion

Gah! Waiting is the worst! I hope by Thursday you're feeling much better!


Oh no! I hate waiting and worrying that entire time what is wrong. And WebMD definitely doesn't help. Hope you feel better!


Stay away from WebMD and Dr. Google... they are bad bad news and they only assist in the spiral into ridiculousness. Take it easy, go get checked out on Thurs (go, it's a good thing for your mind), and don't panic too much. Hugs from Oregon!

Heidi Renée

Has this sort of thing (the being tired issue) ever happened to you during a deployment before? Maybe it's stress-induced. Hang in there, go to the doctor, and don't feel bad about living on the couch. :)


If you were on birth contol pills before and now you are not, that could cause a number of those symptoms. I've had the WORST cycles of my life since getting off BC a couple months ago. Hopefully you are just pregnant, or your hormones are off. I'm sure it's not a huge deal, but go to the Dr. to just make sure for your sanity. Oh, and make sure you are taking pregnancy tests at the right time of the day (I think AM- but what would I know, I haven't been pregnant in a while, and I took mine at night and they were both positive). And PS, the pregnancy tests at the dollar store are just as accurate as the $15 ones at the drug store. Just sayin.


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Medical scares? The worst!

I found you through military spouses and am SO happy I did. I love your blog and candid style of writing.

I hope that the doctor is able to tell you that you were just over reacting, meaning everything is A-OK. Feel better soon!

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