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August 29, 2010



Uhm, I'm right there with you, only I have more to lose! Good luck!


Good luck... I've already asked my doctor when I can start dieting again after this baby arrives... it is not easy...


Good luck girl! You can do it!

And remember, you are always beautiful, inside and out!


haha....that comic you have up at the top? TRUE. Anyway, I think your goal is totally realistic! You'll do great - I mean, with eating right and Insanity every day, how could you not? I get so annoyed though, too, when 'life' gets in the way and I start eating crappy and all of a sudden, hello!, I feel so fat again. Ugh, I actually feel that way today because of my daughter's birthday yesterday and cake! And candy! And cookies! And potato chips! BARF.

Good luck, you'll do awesome :)

The Incubator

Are you sure your scale isn't broken? You are so teeny tiny! I guess you needed me there to nibble on those Reese's:)


Don't punish yourself for the weight you're at now. It's a work in progress. You fall off the wagon and get back on and try again. That's the attitude I really try to have. Even if I do feel fat 100 percent of the time.


Sigh. I would love to weigh 130 pounds. Good luck, lady. I should probably go on some sort of diet too.


"eating my feelings"... Totally been there.

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