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August 12, 2010


Same Sweet Girl

I am definitely the same way as you. I tend to even dread going out sometimes because of the getting ready and it just seems exhausting. Of couse I always have a great time once I get there but I definitely have to have some down time alone to recharge!!


Dude. I love being alone. Sounds totally depressing, but I couldn't agree more.


I am am the same, Scotty calls it "Katie time" :)

Freckle on the Nose of Life's Complexion

You described being an introvert so well because I kept thinking "me too!" over and over again, haha.

I'm with you - if I have to make the call between going out and relaxing at home, staying at home is going to win 9 times out of 10. But when I do go out, I'm glad to be there.

I hope you get your time to relax soon! You definitely deserve it after a busy week!


I don't know... I may love to be social... but I do still enjoy at least one day every once in a while where I sit like a lump on a log in my apartment and have no contact with the outside world. I think it's living alone that does it to you! Just wait until I visit... no alone time for you!


What is this "alone time" you speak of? It must be what I refer to now as "sleep." I've learned to adapt to go, go, go....I was able to get into a captivating book last night though...."Pat the Bunny." Have you read that one?


Yup, you sound a lot like me. I guess a lot of it comes from being an only child... never really had a lot of people around and now it does exhaust me. My husband on the other hand, is the go, go, go type. Which, of course, leads to me being exhausted quite often.

Kate P

Same here--I may be an introvert with social leanings, but those introvert needs are strong. It took another introvert to tell me that it's O.K. to need downtime to recharge before I felt that was normal!

steph anne

I am so glad to know I'm not the only one. I am definitely a homebody. My husband and I would love to stay in on a Friday night and just be by ourselves. We do go to parties and gatherings but not literally every weekend. Also sometimes I pick hanging out with my family over hanging out with friends. Sad but true.

The Incubator

You could just send me to my room if I get on your nerves -- we may have hit that time in our stroll down the path of family maturation where the shoe is on the other foot. Or maybe not;) Actually, most of the adjustments of having the Old Warrior semi-retired are due to the fact that I had become very happy here at home in my chosen quietness. Then the semi hit me right between the eyes!!

Aly @ Breathe Gently

I'm the same. I don't NOT like going out, but it's a special occasion for me and not a regular thing. A couple nights in a row and I'm DONE for. Seriously! :)


It's refreshing to see so many commenters that agree with you, so I'll add my name to the list with a ME TOO! I have to have what I call "no external inputs". No thinking, no making decisions (which I'm not that great at anyway), no socialization, no obligations. On days like that I typically zone in and out of consciousness while watching HGTV. It really is equivalent to recharging the batteries.

To me, crowds are so draining. I am better with an intimate group of people, usually no more than four to six, or I get lost and end up a wallflower (mostly because I am not an interrupter, so my politeness keeps me quiet).

I enjoy a REAL one-on-one conversation about topics that matter WAY more than party fluff, superficial yackety-yack. I guess I like connecting with people.

Wow... that got long-winded! Sorry!

garden state prep

I'm the same way! I love alone time, especially after a few days of constant go-go-go.

Hannah Katy

I used to force myself to be an extrovert, to go to all the parties and be at every single event. But this past year I embraced my introvert. I love nothing more than a quiet night with a good cup of tea and a book.


Hannah Katy

Brittany E.

I am so like that, I love being alone. I love my friends and I love family. But I would almost always choose a quiet night in over going out anytime. And when I do go out that satisfies my want to go for a few weeks.

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