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August 11, 2010


Same Sweet Girl

Congrats on your award girl!!! :)

I love that you feel comfortable going places by yourself. I am soooo not there!


I love that this award encourages you to think about what you love about yourself. I see you sitting someone by yourself, laughing at yourself... I'm sure no one is looking. Ok, just kidding. Those are wonderful, wonderful traits. I need to laugh at myself more.


Weeeeeeee! Thanks for making my Wednesday morning! Oh, and I kind of love doing things by myself too. But similarly, haven't got the courage to go to a restaurant alone. And I've never really traveled alone... Okay basically I've only gone to movies by myself. BUT I like it. :)

Kate P

Congrats on your award! You do have pretty eyes. :)

The going out to eat along part is something I'm still figuring out. . . more of how to deal with other people's reactions (like one time a mom apologized to me b/c she thought her kids would annoy me) than anything else.


Congrats and thank you so much! If you hadn't given me the award, I'd be giving it to you. Im so happy I found your blog. Thanks for making my day! =)


Yay, thanks for the love! By the way, I love that you are independent and cool enough to hang out with yourself. I'm too insecure and weird and freaky to do that, though I think it'd be cool to go to a restaurant alone with a book to sip on a glass of wine, eat good food, and enjoy some solitude.


Congrats on the award, it's adorable! And congrats on the Barcelona airfare too.

Aly @ Breathe Gently

Oh squee, this is so cute! I love that. :)

I love doing things on my own too, surprisingly enough. Although I only JUST went to the movies alone for the first time.. to see Eclipse, because nobody was interested in coming with me. I think I was the only person alone in the movie theatre, but it was great fun! x

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