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August 02, 2010



Gooooo Angela!!!!! Let's hear how it goes, I might need to track me down a copy!

The Incubator

After talking with Kenny, et al over the weekend, I just wonder - WHY? But that's just li'l ole me:/

Kate P

"PLL" is supposedly based on a swanky 'burb in my area--at least, the books are. Which are awful, so I'm guessing the TV show is trash done right. :)

One of the dairy-free bloggers I follow was trying Insanity. Doesn't sound like my cup of tea, but hey, I hope you get good results. And, you know, don't die.


Everyone is watching Pretty Little Liars these days! I am going to have to check it out.


I love me some good brain rot. YES.

Oh. And Insanity? Holy eff, dude. You got you some balls.

Brittany E.

I really want to watch Pretty Little Liars but I'm worried that I'm too far behind being that it is like a mystery type show. I love the brain rot ABC Family offers. I love Secret Life of an American Teenager something about the combo of bad actors and bad writing works. I know that sounds crazy, but I can't give one logical explanation for why I like it!

Heidi Renée

I have not heard a thing about this insanity workout, so I'm going to say that you'll kick its butt. Yahoo!


I've not heard of Pretty Little Liars. I'm going to blame that on only having AFN to watch instead of cable.

By the way...I LOVE your blog header. So cute!


surprisingly i haven't watched pretty little liars yet, i'm trying to stay away! but i have a feeling as soon as there is a marathon i will get sucked in, oy.


i enjoy the lesbians on pretty little liars. when i saw that on a commercial i knew i had to start watching scenes from it on youtube. :)

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