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July 06, 2010


Old Warrior

Sounds a lot like my impression of Tokyo from 25 years ago. Mildly interesting, incredibly crowded, and happy to bid it adieu. My worst memory was the 4 1/2 hour 55 mile trip from south of the City to the airport to the north. We made our flight with time to spare because the trip was expected to be 5 hours.

I did enjoy the more rural and difficult to get to islands and locations but there was a conspicuous lack of English spoken or written. Plenty of smiles and meaningless head nodding.

Kate P

This is definitely sounding like quite the adventure--welcome back! I'm enjoying the storytelling.


Oh my gosh it look absolutely beautiful! Bummer that you didn't fall in love with the city. Sometimes though, it's just not a fit. Glad English was pretty available though to help you out!


Glad you made it back in one piece, even if it wasn't the best time.

That's so funny- there is always something to eat in Tokyo. I can read enough to figure out which direction is worth investigating for food, but not enough to always know what I'm ordering. :)

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