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July 22, 2010




I totes agree with you on the Lea Michele/Elphaba thing. As for Galinda/ Amy Adams too old? Or even randomly the chick who won the role of Elle Woods in Legally Blonde the musical on MTV?

As for Fiyero, I'd have to go with my totally inappropriate boy crush on Zac Efron...I blame HBO and '17 Again' being on all.the.time.

And I believe my husband is already all over getting me Glee Karaoke. Cannot.Wait.


OMG this had me cracking my shit up! Thanks for the laughs - and I really hope all your shit get fixed soon :)


I must claim ignorance on anything Wicked (the musical) related - have read the book, but have yet to see it in person (blasphemy - 'tis true), but more importantly - holy crap you cracked me up with that shit!


Ooh! Um, OK ... I think Lea Michele would be good for Elphaba, particularly because she looks SO much like Idina Menzel. Glinda ... would it be too much Glee to say Dianna Agron? Her voice is a little thin though, so maybe Ashley Tisdale ... although she's (a) a brunette right now and (b) an alto. (Mezzo-soprano? I don't know things like vocal ranges.) Or perhaps Ashlee Simpson, if she goes blonde again. It's too bad LiLo's in the slammer and looks like a middle-aged hooker, because she certainly has (had?) the pipes.

Oh, right, Fiyero. I agree with you on Corbin Bleu ... I kind of love him. But what about Nick Jonas? I know it's a little blasphemous, but he IS on Broadway right now and he DOES have a huge fan base ...


Re: the dryer, I think I would be wanting to kill someone with my bare hands.


I must be the only person on the face of this earth who has not read or know much about Wicked. *sigh*

Although it's funny to see your response to the dryer and AC people, I do hope things are fixed soon! Is this covered under your home warranty? I hope so!

The Incubator

As far as Glinda goes . . . I've heard some great reviews on this totally new gal in the biz named Brittany Lynn:)

Same Sweet Girl

HAHAHAHA!!!!! You are freaking hilarious. I was sitting here laughing outloud at work. Too funny!!!!! I hope you get all of your stuff working soon!!! No AC is not a good thing during the summer. :/


Ugh, that must be aweful! Hope it all gets taken care of soon!! And yay about Wicked!! I can't wait :)

Kate P

Two trips on the dryer? Still no dryer!?!?!? Somebody needs to get his shit together!

I nominate the Japanese girls from the WSJ article about "Wicked" overseas. Oh, and Bernadette Peters never ages, so she could do one of them.

Old Warrior

Warning to everyone enamored of the new wave of high tech washers and dryers:

1. Toploading washers were invented because the drum support bearings always failed early and the door seals always started leaking

2. The high tech washers and dryers have control systems that are basically several computers that are all prone to early failure due to the hot, humid, high vibration environment they operate in. They WILL fail and when they do it will cost more to repair than to buy a new washer or dryer. The computer and display can't be repaired, they must be replaced.

Heidi Renée

My dryer doesn't have codes. Just knobs. I think your dryer is from space. What about Amanda Seyfried for Glinda? She can sing. I haven't actually seen Wicked yet, BUT a touring show is coming to Fresno next spring so I'm going to try to see it then.


Oh my gosh. Repairmen totally suck. And so do broken ACs in the dead of Summer.

I'm going to be completely honest and admit that I've never actually seen the musical Wicked. I've heard some songs... But have never seen it. I know, I suck.

Brittany E.

Glee Karaoke! That is like the most exciting thing I heard in a while. Plus Wicked the musical awesome too! My husband even liked Wicked when we went to see it, and he is not the musical theatre type. I can't even pretend to have an idea about casting but I don't think Corbin Bleu would be bad! I've have also heard they are making Miss. Saigon into a movie and that is my favorite musical. Have you seen it?

P.S-Maybe you could do your cleanse that you want to do before you turn 30 while your A.C. is broken. So you could also sweat out all the toxins that way it could be a double whammy! See there is a positive ha.

Angela Noelle

Oooh, I really like the Amanda Seyfried idea!!

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