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July 16, 2010



Thanks for the comment! We've only been here a month, but so far, we are loving it! Is your husband in the AF as well? I saw that you were stationed in LR at some point. Im from AR and we just PCS'd from there. Such a small world!

I have seriously contemplated ditching our internet. It is $60 a month (Only 1 provider in the area.) and the service SUCKS!


Hi! I'm visiting from Milspouse friday fill-in. Summer trips are favorite memories of mine too!

Kate P

O.K., I just did a quick search to see if you talked about your time in Ireland, and I found your hilarious "drinking story." I'm guessing that was not the part where you fell in love with Dublin. :)

Wife of a Sailor

Welcome to the MilSpouse Friday Fill-In!!

Thanks for joining! Hope to see you next week!


Great answers! I love these Friday Fill-Ins so I can learn all about the other mil spouse bloggers out there. Nice to meet you!

To the Nth

Mmm, duck -- one of our favorites! That raspberry glaze sounds delightful.

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