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July 23, 2010



I would totally buy your perfume based on the name alone!


My husband also untucks the sheet, and he pulls the crib sheet off the bed while he sleeps, too. Every! Night! Ahh!

Heidi Renée

Colby cooks? Bless his heart! I wish Jason would make me meals.


First of all I just love that you said my LITTLE Abe Lincoln... My husband does the same thing, he also cooks occasionally. Good times :)

Kate P

"Eau de Introvert" would smell good. . . if someone could get close enough to smell it. :)


Awh, I can't imagine my future husband (wedding in 40 days!) being gone like Colby are a tough cookie! I've been reading your blog off and on (when I remember to check Google Reader) for a good year or so now and I have lost track of how many times he's been gone. Or maybe it sees like more than it has been, don't know. I have an Abe Lincoln too and he also untucks the sheets and it drives me nuts.

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